Lost Your Gepco Bill? Here’s How to Obtain a Gepco Duplicate Bill Quickly In 2024

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Are you facing the hassle of losing your Gepco electricity bill? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll show you how to quickly obtain a Gepco duplicate bill online.

Whether you’re new to Gepco services or a regular customer, our step-by-step guide will help you navigate through the process effortlessly. Say goodbye to the stress of misplaced bills and hello to convenience with Gepco Online Bill. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Gepco and its Services

About GEPCO:

GEPCO, short for Gujranwala Electricity Power Company, serves various districts including Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Sialkot, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin. As a prominent electricity provider in Pakistan, GEPCO ensures reliable power supply to its customers.

Service Areas of GEPCO:

GEPCO’s service areas cover a wide range of districts, ensuring that residents have access to electricity services without interruption. Understanding GEPCO’s service areas helps customers identify whether they fall under its jurisdiction.

GEPCO Helpline:

For any queries or assistance regarding electricity services, customers can reach out to GEPCO’s helpline. The helpline provides support and guidance to ensure a smooth experience for customers.

The Importance of GEPCO Duplicate Bill: 

The GEPCO duplicate bill serves as a crucial document for customers, especially when the original bill is lost or misplaced. It provides a duplicate copy of the original bill, ensuring that customers have access to essential billing information without delays or inconvenience.

Benefits of GEPCO Duplicate Bill:

Obtaining a duplicate GEPCO bill offers several benefits to customers. Firstly, it enables them to maintain accurate records of their electricity consumption and payments. Additionally, it facilitates hassle-free bill payment processes, as customers can reference the duplicate bill details when making payments.

Moreover, having a duplicate bill ensures compliance with billing requirements and helps avoid potential penalties or disruptions in service due to missing bills. Overall, the duplicate GEPCO bill plays a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient electricity billing processes for customers.

Methods to Obtain a Gepco Duplicate Bill

Checking GEPCO Online Bill: 

One of the easiest ways to obtain a duplicate GEPCO bill is through the online portal provided by GEPCO. Customers can log in to their accounts and access their billing information, including duplicate bills, with just a few clicks.

How to Check GEPCO Duplicate Bill:

To check a GEPCO duplicate bill, customers need to follow the simple steps provided on the official GEPCO website. These steps typically involve entering relevant information such as account details or reference numbers to retrieve the duplicate bill.

How to Obtain a GEPCO Duplicate Bill:

Customers can request a duplicate GEPCO bill through various channels, including online portals, customer service centres, or helplines. By providing necessary account details or reference numbers, customers can quickly obtain a duplicate bill to ensure uninterrupted access to billing information.

How to Download and Print GEPCO Bill Online:

 Once customers access their duplicate GEPCO bill online, they can easily download and print it for their records. This allows customers to maintain physical copies of their bills for reference or documentation purposes, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Useful Tools and Services

GEPCO Mobile App: 

The GEPCO mobile app offers a convenient way for customers to access their billing information and obtain duplicate bills on the go. With user-friendly features and functionalities, the mobile app simplifies the process of managing electricity bills.

GEPCO Online Complaint System: 

Customers can utilize the GEPCO online complaint system to report any issues or concerns regarding their electricity services. This system allows for efficient communication between customers and GEPCO representatives, ensuring prompt resolution of complaints and inquiries.

GEPCO Helpline and Contact Information:

For immediate assistance or queries related to electricity services, customers can contact the GEPCO helpline or refer to the provided contact information. Trained professionals are available to address customer concerns and provide guidance as needed.

Bill Management and Payment

GEPCO Bill Calculator Online: 

The GEPCO bill calculator online helps customers estimate their electricity bills based on consumption and tariff rates. By inputting relevant data, customers can get an approximate idea of their upcoming bills, allowing for better budgeting and planning.

GEPCO Bill Payment Methods: 

GEPCO offers various convenient methods for bill payment, including offline and online options. Customers can pay their bills through traditional methods such as bank payments or utilize online platforms for hassle-free payments.

Offline Payment:

Customers can pay their GEPCO bills offline by visiting designated payment centres or banks. Customers can make cash or check payments by presenting their bill details and receiving receipts as proof of payment.

Mobile Apps: 

GEPCO provides mobile apps enabling customers to conveniently pay their bills from their smartphones. By downloading the official GEPCO app and linking their accounts, customers can make secure payments anytime, anywhere.

Internet Banking:

Internet banking services offered by banks allow customers to pay their GEPCO bills online. Through bank websites or mobile banking apps, customers can easily transfer funds from their accounts to settle their electricity bills, providing a quick and efficient payment option.


In conclusion, obtaining a GEPCO duplicate bill is essential for ensuring smooth and efficient electricity billing processes. Whether you’ve lost your original bill or need a copy for reference, the duplicate bill is a vital document.

By understanding GEPCO’s services, utilizing online tools, and exploring various payment methods, customers can easily obtain and manage their duplicate bills. Say goodbye to the stress of misplaced bills and hello to convenience with the GEPCO Online Bill.

Let’s stay connected and empowered with reliable electricity services from GEPCO.

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